User Group Meeting Agenda - Europe

Launch2018 will contain four different customer tracks. Click on your software to see a selection of discussion topics.

  • SampleManager LIMS

  • Watson LIMS

  • Nautilus LIMS

  • Platform for Science

Launch2018 General Session

  • Welcome Remarks

  • Digital Transformation of the Laboratory

  • R&D Update

  • Bayer

    "FELD" -- From Future to Reality

    Presenter:  Christian Wolf, Bayer

    Bayer AG’s Digital Lab initiative FELD (Future Environment Laboratory Domain) has initiated a transition from paper based work and hybrid processes to paperless operations. The overall target of a high efficiency increase results in a competitive advantage and provides the employees more time for science. The system supports collaboration of Formulation and Analytical Development as well as Quality Assurance by providing joint digital workflows and thus high transparency and integrity of data. In total more than 400 analytical instruments have been connected to FELD to support digital work.

  • Covestro

    Implementation of Standardized LIMS Solution in a Global Enterprise Environment

    Presenter:  Frank Wahl, Covestro Deutschland AG

    The sheer volume and diversity of monitoring and testing which is needed in our Industry means that the management of data can be a challenge, especially if we are talking about a highly diversified environment of different tools which are used to manage this Data.

    In this presentation Covestro shows its approach to harmonize this fragmented landscape of tools and replace it with a (nearly) harmonized and unified LIMS System throughout the whole Enterprise.

    The presentation contains some of the main obstacles we were, and in parts still are, facing during the Project and how we are dealing with those.

Thermo Fisher™ SampleManager LIMS™ Software Training Sessions

  • SampleManager LIMS: Today and to the Future

    Take a look at the latest versions of the world's most deployed LIMS Suite, and find out what's next for SampleMananger LIMS Software as it transitions to the Platform for Science.

  • SampleManager LES: Fully Integrated Procedural ELN

    Ensure that your lab methods are followed diligently to ensure highest quality as well as compliance to SOPs. Analysts are provided detailed instructions to guide them through every step and provide a completed audit trail to demonstrate adherence to processes.

  • SampleManager LIMS Customer Tips and Tricks

    SampleManager LIMS customers will share a selection of their favourite tips and tricks.

  • Mobile 3.0

    How to use our SampleManager Mobile App to speed up your lab.

  • SampleManager LIMS Tips and Tricks

    The team will share a selection of their favorite tips and tricks.

  • SampleManager LIMS 12.2 User Features Part 1 & 2

    These talks will cover end user features that will be delivered in the 12.2 release.

  • Certificates

    Do you need to generate Certificates of Quality / Analysis? This talk will give details on how the 12.2 release can produce Certificates that meet your varying needs.

  • SampleManager LIMS 12.2 User Features

    This talk will cover end user features that will be delivered in the 12.2 release.

  • What's new in SampleManager SDMS 12.2 (Data Manager 5.2)

    The latest version of SampleManager SDMS includes new features that allow for tighter connections to the LIMS data. Find out how in this talk.

  • New System Admin and Configuration Features

    The 12.2 release includes a number of new capabilities for system administration and configuration. This talk will provide information on what's coming.

  • Services and Support Update

    Learn about all of the resources available from the services and support organization.

  • Upgrading SampleManager LIMS

    The when and why of upgrading, along with tips on best practices to make upgrade projects stress free!


    Applying Intelligent Data Management to Quality Control in Production

    Presenter:  Tommy Gjerding, Chr Hansen

    In order to maintain a market-leading position, at Chr. Hansen, we are constantly striving to streamline and automate our processes, while also ensuring data integrity. This presentation outlines the data critical to driving our business and how systems are applied to efficiently and effectively collect, process and share that data.

  • Shell

    SampleManager 2001 to 11.2 Fredericia Upgrade Project

    Presenter:  Karen Halling, Shell

    SampleManager 11.2 was implemented at Fredericia Refinery in November 2016 as the first site in Downstream Shell. The transition from SM version 2001 to a workflow managed system was a challenge, and the invention and design of the new set-up to work the same way as we used to took a lot of time and effort.

    The set-up had to be “out-of-the-box” and there was a strict limit of max 3 customizations. The known amount of customizations was about 90 – ended up with 3 !

    Rest of the customizations was managed by workflows or was configured in the SM directly.

  • Siemens

    SampleManager LIMS for Siemens Healthineers IMMULITE Quality Control Testing

    Presenter:  Mel Davies, Siemens

    IMMULITE systems instruments are automated immunoassay systems for in vitrodiagnostics. The IMMULITE systems can run a comprehensive set of assays with over 100 different types available on each platform. In addition, 3gAllergy testing with hundreds of specific allergens and allergen panels is also available. Due to the biological nature of immunoassays and the wide range of assay kits and allergens manufactured for IMMULITE systems, the quality control testing required is complex. The testing stages include raw material conformance, in-process testing, release testing and stability.

    The IMMULITE systems are able to run routinely using LIMS software, with many customers using them in this way. However, because of the high throughput required for testing, as well as the curve generation calculations that are needed in manufacturing the assays, the LIMS requirements for quality control work on these systems is much more complicated than their standard use with LIMS software.

    After deciding to upgrade our legacy LIMS QCS, we chose to implement SampleManager for IMMULITE QC testing. SampleManager was chosen due to the wide range of useful features available in the standard system and it’s highly configurable, and where required, customisable options which allow it to work with our complex requirements.

    This talk will discuss some of the complexities of implementing our system and the collaborative approach taken between Thermo Fisher Scientific and Siemens Healthineers to design and implement the system.

Thermo Fisher™ Watson LIMS™ Software Training Sessions

  • Watson LIMS Roadmap

    An introduction to the latest versions of Watson and the future path forward.

  • Watson 7.6 Release

    A high level review of the 7.6 release.

  • Watson 7.7: Import Study Protocol Solutions

  • Watson 7.7: Immunogenicity assay requirements workshop

  • Parallelism Experiment for Surrogate Matrices

    Discussion of future needs.

  • OECD 17

    Approaches to Validation.

  • Watson 7.7 Regs/Guidance requirements workshop

  • Cell-based Bioanalytical Assays

    Discussion of processed data needs.

  • Exchange with Data Acquisition Systems

    Assessment of interfacing possibilities.

  • Hosting Watson in AWS

    Tips and tricks

  • Nov Nordisk

    Streamlined Bioanalytical Method validation for LBA and LCMS assays using Watson LIMS – How far can we get?

    Presenter:  Lea Dalby-Brown, Novo Nordisk 

    We are currently looking into further standardising and streamlining our workflows when doing method validation studies. The aim is to have run templates/assay templates in Watson for the setup of validation and long term stability studies. Furthermore, the aim is to be able to report the validation results with minimal amount of calculations/manipulations outside Watson (e.g. in Excel).

    The talk will present examples of what is possible using run templates/assay templates and built-in reporting in Watson 7.4.2. The enhanced possibilities in Watson 7.5 will be touched upon. Challenges will be described and feedback/ideas from the audience will be highly appreciated. Examples of challenges identified:

    In-built report-tables does not calculate %CV of the duplicate concentrations in LBA assays. Run templates does not work well with titer-plate map in LBA assays.

    In Watson 7.4.2 no relevant report-tables exist for the LCMS parameters where area is used for calculations (e.g. selectivity and carry over). In Watson LIMS 7.5 the report tables exists – however they report area ratio (drug/IS), not area.

  • Microcoat

    Sample Management with Watson LIMS

    Presenter:  Christian Barth, Microcoat

Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ Software Training Sessions

  • Platform for Science Applications: Introduction & Live Demos

    Get to know the 120+ applications available on the Platform for Science – each one is designed specifically to fit an element of the lab workflow. Plug them together and you can quickly match up with your processes, achieving real time to value for your lab.

  • Basic Integration Capabilities and Case Studies

    Applying OData API enables powerful connections across your enterprise; hear how connected data provides actionable knowledge for your business.

  • What's New on Platform for Science?

    We’re excited to share the latest feature updates of our new v6 release!

  • Getting Started: An Introduction to the Platform for Science

    This hands-on workshop provides all you need to know to get up and running with the Platform for Science.

  • Platform for Science Product Demos

    Live demo sessions will show the capabilities of this highly flexible and extensible cloud-based platform.

  • biorad

    How Bio-Rad Uses Python to Connect to Core LIMS O-Data API

    Providers of custom antibody services, Bio-Rad had an aggressive timeline to go-live. Applying the sprint approach to their managed delivery, Bio-Rad completed implementation and achieved value from their system in just three months.

  • biobank as jpg

    Platform for Science Software Across the Entire Biobanking Workflow

    Presenter:  Arne Simensen, Biobank AS

  • Nautilus LIMS Roadmap

    An introduction to the latest versions of Nautilus and the future path forward.

  • New Features in Nautilus 9.2

    How to take full advantage of the “Performance Release.”

  • Services and Support Update

    Learn about all of the resources available from the services and support organization.

  • New Features in Nautilus 9.3

    How to Deploy New Features to Increase the User Experience.

  • Workflow Configuration Best Practices

    When to use the Post Apply Ok Trigger, Background/Validation Events or Schedule Nodes.

  • Custom Views and Entity Links

    How to add power and flexibility to Nautilus with these features.

  • Popular Nautilus Models

    Learn about some of our most popular Nautilus Modules.

  • Nautilus LIMS Tips and Tricks

    The team will share a selection of their favorite tips and tricks.