User Group Meeting Agenda - North America

Launch2018 will contain multiple customer tracks. Click on your software to see a selection of discussion topics.

  • SampleManager LIMS

  • Watson LIMS

  • Platform for Science

  • Nautilus LIMS

Launch2018 General Session

  • Welcome Remarks

  • State of the Business

Thermo Fisher™ SampleManager LIMS™ Software Training Sessions

  • SampleManager LIMS: Today and to the Future

    Take a look at the latest versions of the world's most deployed LIMS Suite, and find out what's next for SampleManger LIMS Software as it transitions to the Platform for Science.

  • Mobile 3.0

    How to use our SampleManger Mobile App to speed up your lab.

  • SampleManager LIMS Tips and Tricks

    The team will share a selection of their favourite tips and tricks.

  • SampleManager LIMS 12.2 User Features

    This talk will cover end user features that will be delivered in the 12.2 release.

  • Certificates

    Do you need to generate Certificates of Quality / Analysis? This talk will give details on how the 12.2 release can produce Certificates that meet your varying needs.

  • What's new in SampleManager SDMS 12.2 (Data Manager 5.2)

    The latest version of SampleManager SDMS includes new features that allow for tighter connections to the LIMS data. Find out how in this talk.

  • New System Admin and Configuration Features

    The 12.2 release includes a number of new capabilities for system administration and configuration. This talk will provide information on what's coming.

  • Services and Support Update

    Learn about all of the resources available from the services and support organization.

  • Upgrading SampleManager LIMS

    The when and why of upgrading, along with tips on best practices to make upgrade projects stress free!

Thermo Fisher™ Watson LIMS™ Software Training Sessions

  • Watson LIMS Roadmap

    An introduction to the latest versions of Watson and the future path forward.

  • Watson 7.6 Release

    A high level review of the 7.6 release.

  • Watson 7.7: Import Study Protocol Solutions

  • Watson 7.7: Immunogenicity Assay Requirements Workshop

  • Parallelism Experiment for Surrogate Matrices

    Discussion of future needs.

  • OECD 17

    Approaches to Validation.

  • Exchange with Data Acquisition Systems

    Assessment of interfacing possibilities.

  • Watson 7.7 Regs/Guidance requirements workshop

  • Cell-based Bioanalytical Assays

    Discussion of processed data needs.

  • Tips and Tricks for Hosting Watson in AWS

Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ Software Training Sessions

Platform for Science 101 Training

  • Platform for Science Applications:  Introduction & Live Demos

    Get to know some of the 120+ applications available on the Platform for Science – each one is designed specifically to fit an element of the lab workflow. Plug them together and you can quickly match up with your processes, achieving real time to value for your lab.

  • Basic Integration Capabilities & Case Studies

    Applying OData API enables powerful connections across your enterprise; hear how connected data provides actionable knowledge for your business.

  • What's New on the Platform for Science?

    We’re excited to share the latest feature updates of our new v6 release!

  • Getting Started:  An Introduction to the Platform for Science

    This hands-on workshop provides all you need to know to get up and running with the Platform for Science.

  • Platform for Science Product Demos

    Live demo sessions will show the capabilities of this highly flexible and extensible cloud-based platform.

Platform for Science Adminstrator Training

  • HIPAA for AWS

    Learn how the Enterprise HIPAA Cloud can meet your requirements for protected data, discussing the additional security components, standards and regulations that must be met to provision this offering.

  • Setting Up Cloudberry to Access Log Files; General Log Troubleshooting

    Enhance your troubleshooting skills by accessing your system log files in an S3 folder and reviewing some common log review tactics.

  • Let's Get Moving: New and Improved XMLs

    Observe how configurations can more readily be migrated from one environment to another through the improved XML functionality, applicable when promoting new workflows to production, importing new pre-configured applications and more.

  • eLearning Administration: Custom Courses for Your Users

    Propel your team's Platform for Science knowledge and customize learning content specific to your organization's workflows in the Thermo Fisher Scientific eLearning portal. Discover how you can be a manager for your organization's portal, importing custom content, reviewing team progress and creating relevant learning paths.

    Post-Configuration: Proficiency & Scalability of Platform for Science

    Presenter:  Nick Monte, ATRI/USC

Advanced Topics in Platform for Science

  • OData

  • Traits, the Key to Inheritance

    Learn how to simplify your configuration with the use of shared attributes and associations between entity types, reducing the need to configure them individually.

  • Best Practices for your Read Only Database Queries

    Meet with one of Thermo Fisher Scientific's database specialists to discover strategies for query optimization, focusing on designs intended to improve query speed and overall system performance.

  • PDF Reports

    Using a velocity based trigger, configure generate a PDF report and attach the report to records within Platform for Science, enabling the creation of Certificate of Analysis reports, environmental results reports and other types of PDF reports required in your organization.

  • Epic Sciences Logo

    Cloud Hosted Customer- Efficiency, Inter-connectivity, and Security

    Presenter:  Chris Henry, Epic Sciences

  • Epic Sciences Logo

    Tips & Tricks - Sample ID Number Generation

    Presenter:  Meghana Honnatti, Epic Sciences

  • Nautilus LIMS Roadmap

    An introduction to the latest versions of Nautilus and the future path forward.

  • Services and Support Update

    Learn about all of the resources available from the services and support organization.

  • Workflow Configuration Best Practices

    When to use the Post Apply Ok Trigger, Background/Validation Events or Schedule Nodes.

  • Advanced Instrument Integration

    Introduction to advanced parsing and mapping of data.

  • Custom Views and Entity Links

    Add power and flexibility to Nautilus with the use of these features.

  • Stocks and Reagents

    How to login multiple stocks at once, and other useful tips and tricks.

  • Nautilus LIMS Tips and Tricks

    The team will share a selection of their favorite tips and tricks.

  • Upgrading Nautilus LIMS

    Learn about our recommendations and best practices for upgrading Nautilus.