User Group Meeting Agenda - North America

Launch2018 will contain multiple customer tracks. Click on your software to see a selection of discussion topics.

  • SampleManager LIMS

  • Watson LIMS

  • Platform for Science

  • Nautilus LIMS

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Launch2018 General Session

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific_logo_cmyk_ez


    Trish Meek, Director of Marketing
    Digital Science, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific_logo_cmyk_ez


    John Sos, President
    Instrument and Enterprise Services, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Epic Sciences Logo

    Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ Software in the Cloud for a Clinical Lab

    Chris J. Henry, Director, Platform Technology
    Epic Sciences

    How one lab implemented Thermo Fisher™ Core LIMS™ software using Thermo’s cloud hosting, integrated CoreLIMS with SalesForce, built mission-critical applications internally, and glued the whole thing together with a services hub.

  • Astrix-Technology-Group-logo

    The Digital Transformation of Quality Operations

    Randy Hice
    Astrix Technology Group

    Astrix has partnered with leading biopharma companies as they define their digital strategy in  and across Development and QC.  This talk will highlight some of the key learnings, benefits, and themes from the digital journey of large biopharmaceutical companies as they look to transform their business.

  • exxon2

    Digital Enablement at ExxonMobil

    Howard Maxwell, Computer Systems Analyst

    ExxonMobil is driving their digital strategy with LIMS playing a critical role.  This talk will cover the use of cloud technology, vendor architecture standards and APIs to better support their customers and lab operations.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific_logo_cmyk_ez

    High Level Roadmap

    Anthony Uzzo, VP of R&D
    Digital Science, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • genomeweb logo

    The Digital Evolution of the Lab: Where Are We Now?

    Presenters include a variety of industry influencers from the Broad, Biogen, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and more.
    Learn More >>

Thermo Fisher™ SampleManager LIMS™ Software Training Sessions

  • SampleManager LIMS: Today and to the Future

    Take a look at the latest versions of the world's most deployed LIMS Suite, and find out what's next for SampleManger LIMS Software as it transitions to the Platform for Science.

  • Astrix-Technology-Group-logo

    Recommendations for Commonly Used SampleManager Functionality

    Presenter:  Andre Schalach, Astrix

  • Conagra Brands Logo

    Gaining Clarity: Leveraging SampleManager to gather, organize, and monitor information for better decision making and demonstrating compliance.

    Presenter:  Christopher Showalter, Conagra Brands

  • SampleManager LIMS 12.2 User Features

    This talk will cover end user features that will be delivered in the 12.2 release.

  • orbis_logo_sm

    SampleManager Upgrade - Case Study

    Presenter:  Michael Gannon, Orbis Labsystems

  • canadian food

    Laboratory Sample Tracking System Overview

    Presenter:  Patrick Lacelle, CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) 

    A high level overview of how SampleManager is used in their organization and the interconnectivity between other systems that CFIA utilizes across multiple functions of the company and multiple time zones.

  • Certificates

    Do you need to generate Certificates of Quality / Analysis? This talk will give details on how the 12.2 release can produce Certificates that meet your varying needs.

  • LyondellBasell Logo

    SM-PLM Solution: Product Lifecycle Management with SampleManager LIMS System.

    Presenter:  Andrea Carlini, LyondellBasell

  • SampleManager LIMS 12.2 User Features (Part 2)

    This talk will cover end user features that will be delivered in the 12.2 release.

  • Mobile 3.0

    How to use our SampleManger Mobile App to speed up your lab.

  • New System Admin and Configuration Features

    The 12.2 release includes a number of new capabilities for system administration and configuration. This talk will provide information on what's coming.

  • Services and Support Update & Upgrading

    Learn about all of the resources available from the services and support organization.

Thermo Fisher™ Watson LIMS™ Software Training Sessions

  • Watson LIMS: Today and to the Future

    Find out what's next for Watson LIMS software.

  • Pfizer Logo

    Software Validation, Compliance, and Data Integrity - Past, Present and Future

    Presenter:  Stephen MacMannis, Pfizer

  • Watson 7.7: Import Study Protocol Workshop

  • Watson 7.6 Release

    A high level review of the 7.6 release, including demonstrations.

  • Watson 7.7: Immunogenicity Assay Requirements

  • Launch Europe Meeting Review

    This presentation will discuss topics raised by users at the Launch2018 event held in Berlin.

  • Watson 7.7: Analytical Samples Requirements

  • Watson 7.7: Regulations and Guidance Requirements Workshop

  • Feature Enhancement Discussion: Asset Management

  • Feature Enhancement Discussion: Long-Term Storage Stability

  • Beyond Watson 7.7: Prioritization of Future Enhancements

Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ Software Training Sessions

Welcome to Platform for Science

  • Platform for Science Applications:  Introduction & Live Demos

    Get to know some of the 120+ applications available on the Platform for Science – each one is designed specifically to fit an element of the lab workflow. Plug them together and you can quickly match up with your processes, achieving real time to value for your lab.

  • Basic Integration Capabilities & Case Studies

    Applying OData API enables powerful connections across your enterprise; hear how connected data provides actionable knowledge for your business.

  • Getting Started:  An Introduction to the Platform for Science

    This hands-on workshop provides all you need to know to get up and running with the Platform for Science.

  • What's New on the Platform for Science?

    We’re excited to share the latest feature updates of our new v6 release!

  • Platform for Science Cloud Deployments

    An overview of options available for hosting the Platform for Science software in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The presentation will include considerations around cost, validation, HIPAA, and more. Thermo Fisher is an AWS Advanced Technology and Life Science Competency Partner.

  • RStudio & Rshiny Introduction

    Using R's data visualization to make the most of your data.

  • Demos and Open Forum Q&A

    Live demo sessions will show the capabilities of this highly flexible and extensible cloud-based platform.

Advanced Topics in Platform for Science

  • RStudio Presentation

    Using RStudio on Platform for Science software.

  • accenture-r


    Presenter:  Adam Wheeler, Accenture

  • forma logo

    FORMA Therapeutics

    Presenter: Chetan Sukuru, FORMA Therapeutics

    FORMA Therapeutics will share their journey from an on-premises system to the cloud, including key benefits, lessons learned, and next steps. Then Thermo Fisher will present the options available for customers who want to deploy their Platform for Science software to the cloud, as well as the benefits of working with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Bulk Transfer Scripts

  • Astrix-Technology-Group-logo

    Using the PFS API to Streamline Your Implementation

    Presenter:  Bill Halliday, Astrix

  • neurocrine

    A Custom Data Analysis Toolbox Leveraging R Shiny

    Presenter:  John Bucci, Neurocrine

    For this talk, we describe our efforts in building a research statistics and analysis web application using the R Shiny open source web application framework and integration with the Platform for Science LIMS. Specifically, we designed a custom workflow around our in vitro dose-response experiments with the goal of leveraging the efficiency, flexibility and breadth of statistical packages that the R framework offers for data analysis. We identify the research requirements, obstacles encountered during development, best practices for overcoming those obstacles and, finally, discuss future custom workflows for the web application.

  • Cell Signaling Logo (1)

    Product Development Pipeline Visualization with Core LIMS and Tableau

    Presenter:  Dana Seehale, Cell Signaling Technologies (CST)

    At Cell Signaling Technology we use the configurability of Core LIMS to create a rich and connected scientific data model.  Tableau Dashboards are used to create visual representations of sample and assay result data as well as display sample provenance.  This presentation will describe the approach for data extraction, transformation and visualization.

  • Epic Sciences Logo

    Build your own number wheel in Platform for Science

    Presenter:  Meghana Honnatti, Epic Sciences

    Have a complex number wheel you need for sample IDs or some other purpose?  This session describes a simple, brute-force method to implement a Base36 number that doesn’t require complex CoreScript and allows for up-front elimination of combinations of potentially offensive number/letter combinations.

  • PDF Reports

    Using a velocity based trigger, configure generate a PDF report and attach the report to records within Platform for Science, enabling the creation of Certificate of Analysis reports, environmental results reports and other types of PDF reports required in your organization.

  • Cell Signaling Logo (1)

    Image Uploader Gadget Workshop

    Presenter:  Patrick O'Mara, Cell Signaling Technologies (CST)

    This presentation will provide in-depth and hands-on details around the image uploader gadget, demonstrating relevance of the  gadget and different use cases for gadget.

  • usc atri

    Post-Configuration: Proficiency & Scalability of Platform for Science

    Presenter:  Nick Monte, ATRI/USC

  • Jackson Lab

    Stop building process into LIMS!

    Presenter:  John Wright, The Jackson Laboratory

    Lessons learned from building apps that are too large, in an effort to “streamline” hand offs between portions of a user’s workflow – challenge is the likelihood most of these processes change often.

  • OData

    Using OData with the Platform for Science.

  • Nautilus LIMS Software Roadmap

    An introduction to the latest versions of Nautilus and the future path forward.

  • regeneron

    Case Study on Clinical Sample Management

    Presenter:  Ricardo Schiavo, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

  • Workflow Configuration Best Practices

    When to use the Post Apply Ok Trigger, Background/Validation Events or Schedule Nodes.

  • Advanced Instrument Integration

    Introduction to advanced parsing and mapping of data.

  • MWD logo

    Extending Nautilus LIMS Software

    Presenter:  Shawn Walker, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

  • regeneron

    Overview of Some Useful Tools for Nautilus LIMS Administrators and Analysts

    Presenter:  Scott Smerdon, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

  • Custom Entity Links and Views

    Add power and flexibility to Nautilus LIMS Software with the use of custom entity links and views.

  • MTF-sized

    MTF Biologics, a New Jersey Tissue Bank and Nautilus 9.1 customer since 2014 shares its challenges, approach and lessons learned upgrading to Nautilus 9.3

    Presenters:  James Chumas & Ashley Aldubayan, MTF Biologics

  • Services and Support Update

    Learn about all of the resources available from the services and support organization.

  • Nautilus LIMS Software Tips and Tricks

    The team will share a selection of their favorite tips and tricks.

  • LIMS Reporter Tips and Tricks

  • Beyond Nautilus LIMS Software 9.4

    Prioritization of future enhancements to Nautilus software.